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    Total Stone Protection

    StainProof Makes world class, best in class stone, concrete, tile, and quartz sealers. StoneSealer Canada makes it available to all Canadians at a more affordable price than ever.

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    EffBomb Cleans It All

    Stone or not, EffBomb is the ultimate in post construction cleaners. Safe for all types of stone, siding, roofing, and even glass when used as directed. Everything you can see was cleaned by a contractor using EffBomb, get yours today.

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    Canadian Products for the Canadian Market

    StoneSealer Canada brand products like ProPeel Paint and Coatings Remover are 100% Made in Canada

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About StoneSealer Canada

StoneSealer Canada was founded by one of Canada's leading natural stone sealing and restoration experts, after installing world class StainProof Sealer for over 10 years we kept hearing one main complain, the price. Well, here we are, the most affordable sealer purchasing experience in Canada with absolutely no changes to the beloved StainProof Sealer products. We value happy customers and protected stone more than lined pockets, so we just cut the profit margin and you pay a realistic price, no jokes no gimmicks just Canadians taking care of Canadians. We also have a house line of high quality stone, concrete, and post construction cleaners, densifiers, and protectors.

Our business is small, and family owned / operated, we still have a day to day sealer installation business, and as such can answer any question you have about stone and masonry care and protection specifically in Canada with the most expert opinion around; however please don't get mad if we take a few minutes to respond to your email there's just not a lot of us and the staff in the office are split between packing orders, shipping them out, and customer service while we grow.

We appreciate you supporting our small business more than you know, and greatly look forward to helping you and growing alongside you.

Are you a stone / concrete / sealer contractor? We want to hear from you! and tell you about our specialty pricing just for you too low to advertise.