Product Description

SEK Trident Premium Paver Jointing Sand for new and restored pavers in Canada

SEK Joint Sand is a clean, dry angular sand that meets ASTM C-144 specifications. This type of sand is the optimal gradation for stability and ensures long term performance of the pavement system. SEK Joint Sand is ideal for use with Trident's Joint Stabilizing Sealers when a hardened joint sand is desired to prevent sand washout, insect infestation and weed growth. Available in pearl, tan, gray, platinum. black and fieldstone.

For Bulk Orders, Contact Us For Project Pricing. Min 2 Pallets of 56 Bags for Project Pricing. 


  • Clean, dried joint sand for use in both new & existing segmented paver & stone installations
  • Creates ideal conditions for applying a Trident Joint Stabilizing Sealer to harden joint sand, which reduces sand washout, weeds and insect infestation (for joints up to 3/4")


Coarse & Angular Jointing Sand Meets ASTM-C144 Standards

  • Properly completes the interlocking of the segmental pavers
  • Optimal gradation to ensure long term performance of system

Washed, Screened & Dried Sand

  • Minimal dust
  • Recommended for joints up to 3/4"
  • Ideal for use with Trident Joint Stabilizing Sealers

Recommended For Wet Sand Style Install



Joint Width Up to 1/4"

  • 50-75 square feet

Joint Width 1/4"-1/2"

  • 25-50 square feet

Joint Width 1/2"-3/4"

  • 15-25 square feet

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