Product Description

Transform your outdoor space with the Cyclone Sealer, the ultimate joint stabilizing and enhancing solution from Trident. This high-quality, water-based matte finish sealer will protect your pavers and elevate the look of your patio or driveway. Stocked in Canada for your convenience.

Cyclone locks in a clean, natural look with a matte finish. It will protect the surface from a variety of contaminants and makes cleaning and maintenance easier. Cyclone will harden joint sand which helps reduce sand washout, weeds and insect infestation. An added antifungal protects the sealer film from mold, moss and algae. Cyclone is a water based film forming sealer. 


How To Install:

Cyclone is intended for installation by qualified professionals only, for professionals looking to become certified installers of Trident Protects Sealers, contact our technical specialist directly at, or visit the Pro Contact Page


Coverage Rates: 

Stabilizing joints + Sealing: 80-120 Square Feet per Gallon

Sealing Only: 150 - 250 Square Feet per Gallon


How to Order?

Ordering Trident Protects products is only available to Contractors, in our Pro Pricing Area.

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