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ProPeel Paint, Coating, and Sealer Stripper + Graffiti Removal Gel

What is ProPeel?

Description: ProPeel Paint and Coating Remover is a biodegradable water-based `paint and coatings stripper designed for removal of all types of paint, epoxy, urethane coatings, and acrylic sealers.

Simple roll and rinse usage, along with accelerated working times, ProPeel is a great product for graffiti removal, coatings stripping, surface prep. Not stopping there its intended for use by professionals and DIY'ers in the automotive and aerospace sectors, sealing contractors, and more. Apply to virtually any surface to make that surface its bare material again, do not use to remove graffiti on painted walls, paint below graffiti will be removed as well.

ProPeel's unique nature based formula is a thick clinging gel, which is readily biodegradable and low VOC. It contains no harsh solvents, and there is no need for using a respirator unless the product is being sprayed or aerosolized. Your neighbours and clients will thank you for using a non scented, no VOC, almost unsmellable paint stripper that is kind to the environment instead of traditional paint thinners which smell offensive and can be toxic.


1.)Test in an inconspicuous area for desired results prior to use.

2.)Apply to area you wish to remove all paint and coatings from via airless sprayer or microfiber paint roller, achieving a 1/16” to 1/8” build on the surface.

3.)If the coating is robust, or the ambient air temperature is over 15 Celsius, cover the coated area with a polyvinyl clear plastic film and press out all air bubbles.

4.)Allow to dwell for a minimum of 4 hours, for best results a minimum of 12 hours should pass. Check for previous coating adhesion with a putty knife, ready if loose or flaked.

5.)Remove any plastic wrap if used, then thoroughly pressure wash from the bottom to top with high pressure, then rinse the whole area with a high volume of clean fresh water.

6.)If required, repeat steps 2-4 repeatedly till all coating is visibly removed.


ProPeel is 100% made and packaged in Canada, as well as bio degradable and neutralized in water. Happy Peeling!

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