Product Description

This biodegradable ready-to-use degreaser, GreaseGone, is safe to use on stone and concrete surfaces. Made in Canada, it effectively removes grease and grime without causing any harm to the environment. Keep your surfaces clean without worrying about damaging them with this innovative product. 

How to Use?

1.) Fill into pump up sprayer or paint roller tray

2.) Spray at low pressure or roll on to effected area

3.) Allow to dwell a minimum 15 minutes, agitate once with firm brush

4.) Wash with high pressure, fresh clean water (hot water where available for best result)

Best Uses For GreaseGone?

GreaseGone is a hugely versatile cleaning compound, its main use is for safely and responsibly degreasing any surface, but it can be used for other excellent results also. GreaseGone can also be used for things like awning cleaning, 2 step wood cleaning with EFFBomb, vehicle detailing and fleet washing, and many more uses!

*Always test on surfaces in an inconspicuous area for desired results and potential interactions, do not allow to mix with any other chemical. 

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