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Efflorescence Remover and Stone Cleaner for Exterior Washing, Post-Construction Cleaning, and White Stain Removal

EFFBOMB Professional grade safe acid stone cleaner makes quick work of effloresence removal and grout haze removal from all types of natural stone and concrete. This before and after was what the masons called clean, covered in grout haze, and the perfect result on black tusk basalt performed by a homeowner DIY cleaning using EFFBOMB.

Eff Bomb natural efflorescence removal cleaner is a 100% made in Canada stone and concrete cleaning chemical. It easily and quickly removes:

White Stains


Masonry Cutting Dust

Excess Concrete

Post Construction Haze

Red Clay Stains

Fertilizer Stains 

And more! Usable on all types of surface when used as directed. If unsure about your specific needs contact our support department at or 18778246040

Eff Bomb is suggested to be used as a 10:1 water to Eff Bomb dilution, making it a perfect choice for professional and consumer pressure washers. Simply put your soap injection hose into the container of EFFBOMB, use your preferred soaper tip, and apply to all the surfaces you need to clean, allow to sit for approx 10 minutes without drying (reapply product or mist with clean water to keep wet) then wash away with high pressure water. Need some more power? Mix Eff Bomb from 8:1 all the way to 4:1 and apply using a brush, roller, or pump up sprayer, let dwell 5-10 minutes without drying, and rinse with high pressure water. 


Eff Bomb is a biodegradable organic acid product, but is easily neutralized with baking soda or dish soap; we recommend cleaning all equipment including downstream injectors with a mild dish soap mixture after using eff bomb. 

Eff Bomb is safe to use around glass, plants, pets, and your family with no harsh or toxic fumes, no toxic run off, and is safe for the environment. 

Pressure washer make a mistake on your concrete and leave it covered in marks? not to worry, use effbomb at 75% strength to easily and safely perform a mild etch of the concrete, quickly and efficiently blending in the concrete surface so no damage is left visible.

Always use proper personal protective equipment such as suitable protective gloves, eye protection, do not allow to come in contact with exposed skin chemical irritation and burns may occur, do not inhale, do not ingest, if on skin rinse thoroughly with clean water, if in eyes rinse thoroughly with clean water and seek immediate medical attention, if inhaled or ingested do not induce vomiting, call your local poison control and seek immediate emergency medical attention. Do not smoke while using product or directly after, always ensure proper industrial hygiene after using this product including frequent hand washing.

When it comes to the post-construction cleaning of stone surfaces, you need a product that is effective in removing efflorescence. The buildup of efflorescence, a white chalky substance that can occur on stone surfaces after construction or renovation, can be unsightly and difficult to remove. That's where EFF BOMB Efflorescence Remover and Stone Cleaner comes in!


This pressure washing chemical is specifically designed to remove efflorescence from stone surfaces, making it an excellent choice for post-construction cleaning. Not only does it effectively remove efflorescence, but it also cleans and brightens the surface, leaving it looking like new.


EFF BOMB Efflorescence Remover and Stone Cleaner is easy to use. Simply mix with water and apply to the stone surface, using a pressure washer if necessary. Let the product sit for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water. This stone cleaner is safe to use on a variety of surfaces, including brick, concrete, and natural stone, making it a versatile choice for your post-construction cleaning needs.


In addition to its efflorescence removing properties, EFF BOMB Efflorescence Remover and Stone Cleaner is also environmentally friendly. It contains no harsh chemicals, making it safe for use around plants and animals. This stone cleaner is also biodegradable and non-toxic, ensuring that it is safe for the environment.


Overall, EFF BOMB Efflorescence Remover and Stone Cleaner is an excellent choice for effloresence removal, outdoor stone and deck cleaning, wood brightening, and post-construction cleaning. Effective in removing efflorescence, cleaning and brightening stone and woof surfaces, and safe for the environment, this stone and post construction cleaner is a must-have for any homowner, professional, stone cleaning, and post-construction cleaning job.

For the professional concrete coating applicator effbomb is a very versitile tool, when used straight undiluted out of a pump up sprayer it can perform the necessary pre coating etch to remove old coatings, dirt, oils, and profile the surface to accept new decorative surface coatings or sealers. Effbomb is the worlds most versatile tool for exterior stone cleaning, concrete cleaning, post construction cleaning, and effloresence removal.

EFF-BOMB is 100% made and packaged in Canada by StoneSealer Canada





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