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Protect Your Marble, Granite and Other Dense Stone with Stain Proof Dense Stone Premium Sealer

perfectly protected from water, oil, and wear, this carrera marble was sealed using stainproof dense stone impregnating sealer, specially formulated for dense stones like marble, limestone, granite, and quartzite along with other natural stones. there is no better stone sealer for dense natural stone than stain proof dense stone sealer. stonesealer canada and is the premier dealer and installer of stain proof natural stone sealer, concrete sealer, stone care supplies and more across canada.

Do you constantly feel anxious about spills and stains ruining your beautiful marble, granite, quartzite and other dense natural stone surfaces? Look no further than Stain Proof Dense Stone Premium Sealer. Our innovative formula saturates deep into the stone surface, creating a barrier that prevents stains from seeping in. With our specialty stone sealers, you can breathe easy knowing that your marble, granite, and other specialty dense stones are protected from harm.


Not only does Stain Proof Dense Stone Premium Sealer protect your stone surfaces, but it also enhances their natural beauty. Our formula provides a mild improvement in shine and depth that highlights the unique patterns and colours of your natural stone. Say goodbye to dull and lifeless stone - our sealer adds wonderful depth and a mild shine that lasts for years, along with long lasting waterproofing and stain repellency.


Our premium stone sealer is easy to apply, making it the perfect choice for DIY projects and professional use. Simply apply our formula to your clean and dry stone surface using a brush or roller. Allow it to saturate the surface for 30 minutes, then wipe away any excess. That's it! Your stone surfaces are now protected and ready to shine.


Protect your marble and granite with Stain Proof Dense Stone Premium Sealer and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your surfaces are stain-proof and beautiful. Shop now and enjoy our innovative stone sealer today!

Why Dense Stone Premium Sealer

  • Permanent, premium oil and water repellency. 25-year written performance warranty available when applied by a STAIN-PROOF Accredited Applicator. Find an Applicator near you at
  • Three different sizes of custom engineered sealing molecules in one sealer, for 3 levels of saturation depth, and maximum stain rejection
  • Includes a super saturator for deep saturation depth of dense granites and marbles, where other sealers may become stuck on the surface.
  • Retains natural surface colour and finish, while not effecting how slippery a surface may be while wet.
  • Super breathable: water vapour escapes freely preventing harmful moisture build-up inside the treated material
  • Suitable for indoor, outdoor, residential and commercial use.

StainProof Dense Stone Sealer uses next generation natural stone and concrete sealer technology, in the nanometer range, to protect specialty hard to preserve dense stones like marble, granite, limestone, and quartzite among other natural dense stone products. This sealer is the ultimate waterproofing, stain repellent, and gloss adding product for dense natural stone. Available in canada at stonesealer canada and an authorized stain proof stone care products dealer, with fast easy shipping. is the only online retailer in Canada offering Stain Proof sealers for natural stone and concrete at MSRP, most retailers have Stain Proof sealers at a steep markup. Contractor pricing may be available for account holder purchases, call or email for information on minimum order sizes to form an account. We are an authorized reseller of ICP construction materials including Stain Proof cleaners and sealers in the Canadian Market, out side of distributorship has no affiliation or partnership with Stain Proof, Dry Treat, ICP construction materials or any of its affiliates. Prices posted to the public reflect the minimum advertised price or above, dealers may sell for less, contact dealer for more information. and stonesealer canada sells Stain Proof natural stone sealer, cleaner, and care supplies for natural stone in canada such as marble, serpentine, granite, limestone, and quartzite. Stain proof available in canada s

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