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Discover the Ultimate Protection with Aqua Blocka: Your Premier Water-Based Sealer for Stone and Concrete

When it comes to safeguarding your stone and concrete surfaces, Aqua Blocka stands out as the top choice across Canada. Our unique, water-based formula offers unparalleled protection against the elements, ensuring your surfaces remain unscathed through extreme temperatures, precipitation, and daily wear and tear. Better yet, its specifically formulated for Canadian weather because its 100% made and packaged in the Great White North.

Why Aqua Blocka?

  • Superior Durability: Aqua Blocka creates an impermeable yet invisible barrier that repels water, and resists organics, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. From driveways and patios to interior floors and walls, Aqua Blocka ensures your surfaces look new for years to come.
  • Eco-Friendly Formula: Committed to environmental stewardship, Aqua Blocka is free from harmful chemicals, making it safe for your family, pets, and plants. It is 0% VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which means better air quality for your home and community.
  • Easy Application: With its user-friendly application, Aqua Blocka can be easily applied with a roller, brush, or sprayer, penetrating deeply to provide a natural finish that protects the natural beauty of your surfaces without altering their appearance.
  • Rapid Drying Time: Our fast-drying formula ensures that your surfaces are touch-dry within hours, minimizing downtime and allowing you to use your newly sealed areas sooner.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Aqua Blocka’s advanced technology provides a long-lasting finish that withstands frequent cleaning, heavy traffic, and harsh weather, significantly reducing the need for reapplications.

Proven Performance Across Canada Aqua Blocka has been rigorously tested in various Canadian climates to ensure its effectiveness and durability. Trusted by homeowners and professionals alike, Aqua Blocka is the proven solution for protecting and enhancing the lifespan of your stone and concrete installations.

Embrace the ultimate in surface protection with Aqua Blocka—because your home deserves the best defense against the elements. Try Aqua Blocka today and witness the transformation in your stone and concrete surfaces, safeguarded for tomorrow’s challenges.

Made and packaged in Canada, available exclusively in Value Size 5 Gal Pails.


How To Install AquaBlocka Sealer on Stone, Pavers, Concrete:

1.) Remove all organic materials, then wash surfaces with EffBomb at 10:1 ratio as prep

2.) Allow surfaces to fully dry in all areas, test with a masonry moisture meter to below 25%

3.) Test AquaBlocka in a small inconspicuous area for colour change / application rates

4.) Apply AquaBlocka via airless spray equipment, brush, or microfiber paint roller at a rate of approximately 60-200 SQFT per Liter in 2 coats, allow a 30 min dwell between coats.

5.) Remove all excess from surface with clean dry terry cloths, do not allow puddling to occur.

6.) Keep surface free from traffic and water for 24-48 hours after application for best results.

7.) Test for water rejection, if desired result not achieved, apply a third coat of AquaBlocka

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