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OxyShock Enviro Friendly Pro Grade Cleaner

Effortlessly clean any surface, inside or out, with OxyShock RTU! This professional grade oxy cleaner is made in Canada and safe for all surfaces, including stone. Experience the power of oxygen as it lifts and removes dirt, grime, and stains, leaving your property sparkling clean inside or out.

Why OxyShock? 

  1.  Safe for use around landscaping, pets, and children. OxyShock is a non bleach all surface cleaner for removing moss, mold, mildew, and other organic stains. It has no added scents, and no toxic offgassing chemicals, OxyShock uses the power of nature to leave every surface sparkling clean, and keep it clean for years after.
  2. 100% made and packaged in Canada. Shop proudly knowing that these products are made by Canadians, in Canada, specifically for the Canadian market and environment.
  3. Runoff doesn't need to be collected. Unlike traditional bleach formulated cleaners that promise to be done working in under a minute, OxyShock doesn't need to be recovered for wastewater treatment anywhere in Canada as its fully biodegradable and safe for storm drains.
  4. Cleaning power absorbs into stone and concrete surfaces, also clings to asphalt shingles. OxyShock is famous for its ability to keep working 2-4 years after its initial clean. When tested next to traditional SH and Bleach based outdoor detergents, the traditionally cleaned brick was dirty after just 8 months where as OxyShock cleaned brick walls were completely clean 3-4 years later.

How Do I Use OxyShock?


OxyShock is very simple to use as it is a RTU (Ready To Use) formula. Simply add it to a clean pump up sprayer, airless spray system, or paint roller and apply generously to any surfaces you want to clean. OxyShock is non toxic and wont damage most surfaces, rinsing is up to you. On most roof and artificial turf applications, we recommend applying OxyShock and simply walking away waiting for the next natural rain cycle to rinse the surface. When used on stone, brick, pavers, or concrete, we recommend letting OxyShock sit for 30 mins to 1 hour and then washing thoroughly with moderate pressure with a pressure washing system.




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