The Trident 3 Step Cleaning Method when Preparing for Sealer in Canada

The Trident 3 Step Cleaning Method when Preparing for Sealer in Canada

So you're going to seal your pavers or concrete with Tridents world class urethane sealers, but you're not sure how Trident recommends to clean it. Let me walk you through the easy 3 step process every professional should be using to prepare pavers for restoration, and also clean concrete you plan to seal decoratively.

The process for Canada is different than Trident's usual cleaning method, as it requires StoneSealer Canada's biodegradable cleaning chemicals due to a difference in waste water restrictions between the USA and Canada.

Step 1: (Pavers only, if working on a concrete slab or exposed ag slab skip to step 2)

*If the surface has sealer on it from a previous installation, fully strip with ProPeel prior to beginning the 3 step cleaning process.

Use a turbo nozzle on a commercial pressure washer and flush out all the joints, removing all vegetation fully and removing jointing material to a minimum 3/4" depth.

Be methodical with this step, and recheck for missed vegetation multiple times this is very important.


Step 2:

Downstream EffBOMB concentrate all over the surface you intend to restore, this will remove any trace efflorescence on or just below the surface.

Allow to dwell 5 minutes

Now surface clean very rapidly, we are attempting to agitate and foam up the cleaner not get a perfect surface cleaner pass.

Allow to dwell another 5 minutes

Thoroughly rinse using ball valve method, or high pressure on an M5 Twist head


Step 3:

Dilute OxyShock 50/50 in a clean bucket

Downstream your diluted OxyShock mixture over the whole surface

Allow to dwell 5 minutes

Surface clean rapidly, but more thoroughly than last time, we are looking for foamy agitation and a thoroughly cleaned surface this time.

Allow to dwell 2-5 mins while foamy

Thoroughly rinse using ball valve or high pressure on an M5 Twist head

Pay special attention to rinsing out the joints for debris which may have settled back down, and will be in the way during our next procedure of restoration, wet sanding.



Congratulations, you now know how to clean pavers and concrete slabs professionally when preparing to apply world class Trident urethane sealers in Canada.


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