Toronto Live Paver Restoration Training Event w/ Trident! August 16th 2024

Toronto Live Paver Restoration Training Event w/ Trident! August 16th 2024

August 16th 2024 we will be running a FREE training course on how to install world class Trident jointing compounds and sealers for interlocking pavers in Toronto, ON. Want to get your name on the list? Head over to and select the Toronto date to get your name on the list, and start your training journey to becoming a Master Certified Contractor from Trident Protects, setting yourself apart as the most professional paver restoration expert in the Greater Toronto Area.


What topics will the training cover?

We will cover how to properly clean interlock pavers, wet sanding and poly sanding of paver joints, and how to properly mix and install Trident's Huricane CAT 5 two part urethane next gen sealer.

How is the Trident training different?

Trident's exclusive paver restoration process takes a completely new or experienced cleaning and paving contractor, and turns them into an absolute efficiency machine. Typical paver restoration with traditional poly sands, and solvent based topical sealers, means a paver driveway could take a week to finish with all the needed dry times in Canada's climate. With Tridents joint compounds, sealers, and methods, you will learn to completely clean joint and seal in just 2 days.


I don't currently seal pavers, how do I start?

That's completely OK! Our exclusive training will benefit complete beginners and decade long pro's, this approach to paver jointing and concrete sealing isn't practiced by anyone else in the country. Everyone new or old will have to start with Trident's "Intro to Sealer" course through their world class education platform T3 University. This course is mandatory for everyone wanting to attend an in person training event with StoneSealer Canada and Trident Protects. We do this so that everyone can start with the same base knowledge about our system, and what to expect at the in person training.


Is the course really free?

Not only is the in person training free, but all of Trident Protects T3 University courses online are now free for Canadian contractors due to this new strategic partnership between StoneSealer Canada and Trident Protects USA. T3 University is an amazing resource for new and experienced sealer contractors, it teaches not just how to use the products but also how to market them and run your business.

Even better when you come to a live in person sealant installation training course, the course is free and so is lunch.


How do I sign up?

The course in person and the T3 university are only open to business owners and their crews, to weed out the homeowners trying to sneak in you must register your business with Trident and StoneSealer Canada to attend, and then complete a short online course with T3 University online to get the address to attend. Spaces for this event are quickly filling, and are first come first serve.

Sign up now at: