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Ultimate New Generation 2-Part Urethane Wet Look Sealer

Available in Canada to Qualified Contractors

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Picture of Hurricane CAT 5 - Full Kit

Hurricane CAT 5 is the ultimate in 2-part sealers made with a new generation urethane providing ultra-durable surface protection. Its Armor Bond joint stabilization hardens joint sand to prevent sand washout. It provides the deepest color enhancement with high-gloss finish using T3 True Tone Technology. It has an added antifungal that protects the sealer film from mold, moss and algae. Hurricane CAT 5 is a super concentrated water based film forming sealer that comes as a kit and requires mixing and dilution before use. Recommended for professional use only.


Super Concentrated for Ultimate Value

1 Kit of Trident CAT 5 Sealer concentrate produces 20 gallons! Of Ready to Use Sealer.



Ultra Surface Enhancement

  • Deeply enhances surface with wet look and gloss finish - the extent is dependent on the surface

Optimal Joint Stabilization

  • Hardens joint sand which reduces sand washout, weeds and insect infestation

Ultimate Surface Protection

  • Guards against salt, mild acid, alkali and other corrosives
  • Provides stain resistance which makes cleaning and maintenance easier
  • Antifungal film protection protects sealer film from mold, moss and algae


Armor Bond

  • Creates strongest joint stabilization

T3 True Tone Technology

  • Deepest color enhancement with high-gloss finish

Ultra Durability Surface Protection

  • Ideal for high traffic areas where ultimate durability and superior chemical resistance is desired

Fungal Guard

  • Added antifungal protects sealer film from mold, moss and algae

Breathable, Immediate Application

  • Will not trap naturally occurring efflorescence and/or moisture
  • Can be applied on most new, clean and dry surfaces without waiting

Dry or Damp, Two Coat Application

  • Apply to dry surface for optimal joint stabilization performance
  • When sealing without joint stabilization, can be applied to a dry or damp surface with no pooling or ponding of water present
  • For optimal performance, apply two coats

Proprietary Two-Part Water Reducible, Clear Aliphatic Urethane Chemistry

  • Super concentrated sealer packaged as a kit containing one 5 gallon pail of Part A and two 1 gallon containers of Part B. Mixing required.
  • Water dilution required providing options for desired level of sheen and strength of joint stabilization
  • Will not yellow under exposure to sunlight

Film Forming, Water Based, LOW VOC Sealer

  • Consistency of water, milky white in appearance when applied. Dries clear.


Suitable Surfaces



Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete

Concrete Wall Block

Concrete Wall Block

Clay Pavers

Clay Pavers

Natural Stone

Natural Stone

Manufactured Stone

Manufactured Stone



Exposed Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate

Not recommended for marble, granite, ceramic tile and polished, honed or high gloss surfaces as they do not have enough surface texture to absorb the sealer.

PERFORM A TEST IN A SMALL AREA TO VERIFY PERFORMANCE AND APPEARANCE BEFORE APPLYING. Due to the variability and physical make-up of natural stone this step is required to verify desired performance and appearance.


Available in Canada to Qualified Contractors only from StoneSealer Canada

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