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Product Description

Paver Enhancing Sealer offers both rich colour enhancement, and water / liquid protection through a patented combination of silicone technology specifically designed for engineered or wet cast concrete pavers. The result is a long-lasting, penetrating, oil and water repellent that deepens and enriches the natural colour of concrete pavers, cement tiles, terrazzo floors and cement surfaces, without effecting the surface or coefficient of friction (means not slippery when wet)


Where to Use

Paver Ehancing Sealer works on most concrete pavers, cement tiles, terrazzo floors, and cement surfaces. Formulated for indoor and outdoor applications, Paver Enhancing Sealer is suitable for residential and commercial buildings.


Why Paver Enhancing Sealer

  • Made for man-made stone pavers specifically
  • Intense colour enrichment with oil and water repellency built in.
  • Fully impregnating, with no sheen or shine.
  • Does not affect slip rate — slip testing (ANSI 37.1)

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